Helping Contractors at the Contracting Technology Bootcamp

Contractors have told us they want more information on the technologies needed to stay ahead of the competition. Topics such as design software, fleet tracking, project management and others are key to the overall success of their contracting business efforts. Contracting professionals have also told us it would be incredibly helpful (and time-saving) to have all the key players of a market in one place so they don’t have to spend hours Googling hoping to run across what they need.

We surveyed over 700 contracting professionals currently working with contracting technology to build a bootcamp that focuses on the most in-demand technology areas and solves challenges around finding reliable, trusted content.

More than 700 respondents from a wide range of job roles, primary business activities, and company sizes provided input on their contracting technology selection process, what software is currently meeting their needs and what areas they would like to see their company adopt or upgrade. They also share their thoughts on likely barriers to adoption, how they perceive various technology vendors, and how often they complete projects under budget and ahead of schedule, and why!

The results show that these contracting professionals are involved in every step of the technology selection process — from identifying the need to evaluating vendors and making the final approval.

Working with the data obtained, the editors of EC&M, Contractor, and Contracting Business have put together topics for a month-long online event for electrical/HVAC/plumbing professionals  that will be accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices to attract your highly mobile audience.


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