Top challenges for contractors

“Retaining and finding qualified employees”

“Lack of competent and skilled workers”

“Finding good people”

“Staffing of technical positions”

These direct quotes from HVACR professionals showcase the overarching trend in the industry today – a severe labor shortage! Finding qualified help was the number one challenge sited by HVACR professionals in a recent survey of Contracting Business and Contractor audiences. 

Contractors are in dire need of field technicians. Distributors are on the hunt for qualified counter personnel. Manufacturers are looking for machine operators and technicians. The list goes on and on.  Knowing that this issue is critical to the success of our audience, the editors put together a comprehensive ebook that helps answer some of industry’s toughest questions. How do you find, recruit, hire and hang on to the best talent out there?

Mike Eby, Senior Director of Content for Contracting Business, Contractor and HPAC Engineering, recently produced this piece that offers valuable tips on how to improve your recruiting process, such as creating a recruiting brochure or video and developing a career page on your company’s website.

He discusses the pros and cons of different avenues for recruitment including specific examples around LinkedIn, Craigslist, and Facebook. The ebook also showcases what some industry organizations and contractors are doing to attract the next generation of workers to the industry and, more importantly, their companies. It is the kind of trusted and engaging  information our HVACR audiences crave (and eat up!)

You can download the Special Report here. And you can click here to learn more about eBooks and how you can leverage them to provide trusted information and thought leadership for your market.

eBooks present topic based content in a more conversational tone and bring together related articles into a multi-chapter format; providing deeper context for your solution and the challenges it can solve. They offer you the opportunity to engage digital audiences while helping them solve problems and uncover opportunities around the most important industry topics.   Generate leads with custom content or by sponsoring brand content that is proven to be high-performing.

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